Seems like I have to grow accustomed to waking each morning in excruciating pain, such as this morning and with a lot of pain, comes exhaustion.  Did a little test this morning; when I sit on the side of the mattress I usually sleep upon, then comes that stabbing pain; so I test sat sitting on different parts of the mattress and felt no pain.  I just turned the mattress maybe two months ago to a new side–so I turned it again this morning to where I could sit and not hurt.  Keeping fingers crossed–I do know a mattress not firm enough can cause sciatica.  We’ll see.

No great elaborate recipes today; roasting chicken with fajita veggies; onion, red and green peppers, cumin, cayenne.  I am going to read that novel LSU Press sent me, “The Cottoncrest Curse.”  After watching, “Ivy” yesterday, and, “The Black Book,” I’m in the mood for gothic, even if it’s Southern Gothic.  But not, heaven help us, Flannery Baby, nor Carson McCullers.  The latter also wrote one of the most depressing stories ever also, “The Ballad of the Sad Cafe.”  Gray day outside, not a cozy gray day but a bit of a steely one.