Had a wonderful, interesting revelation driving to work this morning, on a golden, cold, beautiful Friday morning.   I realize that I now feel so comfortable with you that it wouldn’t bother me at all if you saw how messy my kitchen and bathroom are right now, wouldn’t bother me at all because I feel that at ease with you.  Whereas before I would have been mortified.  Is this a breakthrough?  It feels rather wonderful.

This morning also driving in some time later after the above charming revelation, I began taking stock of my most used driving expressions as I weave the obstacle course on the way to work, and on weekends going here and there and realized it is this one for several years now:  “See if it isn’t an asshole in a Lexus!”  I am convinced that certain obnoxious personality types, especially obnoxious drivers, gravitate to a Lexus.  I will add one exception to that category for this reason.  The other night I was trying to leave the parking lot at Joe W’s, a left turn against traffic.  Suddenly this sleek pretty blue small sports car stopped and waved me to go ahead. Very nice indeed.  I was taken aback to see the L for Lexus on the front fender, this kindness actually coming the driver of a Lexus.  I decided it was the personality that is drawn to sports cars that is kindest, and will allow a Lexus sportscar driver who is kind exception from my otherwise negative classification.   Harumph.