The system that moved through New Orleans last night, a night of rain, wind, lightning and thunder is heading your way to join with a really bad winter storm, making it even worse  Stay safe up there in Libbie Land, hunker down and don’t do anything stupid.  Like speeding on a motorcycle in the middle of the bad weather.  Have to remember to take the plants in this weekend because we will get a freeze Sunday morning…do you know I have the funniest feeling we may get a little snow—even if it’s just flurries.

Forgot to include another Fred Mac movie of mine, “The Miracle of the Bells.”  He was so good in that.

I taped “War and Peace” Monday night on the History Channel, and started watching it last night.  Mixed feelings.  I don’t like Paul Dano’s performance as Pierre.  I know Pierre came across as slow, klutzy, etc., but you always got the impression, especially in Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of him in the BBC production back in the 70’s, there was intense sensitivity, intelligence and courage nestled somewhere in him amid the bungling mannerisms.  In Paul Dano’s performance he seems genuinely stupid and slow and I don’t think that does Pierre proper.  He is a fine, complex  literary character and Dano plays him like a vacuous cow.  I don’t like this Natasha either–she has none of the qualities that Tolstoy described this character–as a young girl she reminded someone of a spirit or a soul, wispy, dreamy.  This girl definitely looks like she’s been around the corner more than a few times.  The logo for this production is a huge skull rising over a melange of sorts…this production just has Millennials written all over it and I honestly don’t know if I’m going to continue watching it.