I’m a fan of the little fella below.  He also gave a sterling performance worthy of an Oscar in, “The Awful Truth,” one of my favorite screwball comedies.  His behavior reminded me very much of Earl’s in that one.

I can’t say I am a regular viewer of Long Island Medium, sometimes I find her readings boring but what I do enjoy is her relationship with her husband. For example:  one day Teresa was looking in the fridge in their kitchen and she said, “God, there’s only hot dogs, hamburger meat, everything fattening in here!”  So they bought a juicer and they were putting everything in it, celery, apples, fruit and Teresa drank the juice.  A few minutes later, and reminding me of the time I served dinner guests who never ate fiber a huge salad with grilled chicken and a fruit salad for dessert, Teresa announced she had to streak to the bathroom.  Well, a few days later, she said to her husband, “Babe, I’ve lost three pounds, look at me?”  He replied, “You do look smaller, are you wearing a girdle?”  Her response was simply a jaw drop.  Then, “No, I am not wearing a girdle!”  He then started to walk to the bathroom, but stopped and said to her, “Is it safe to go in–you know you’ve been going to the bathroom a lot lately.”  Another response with a jaw drop, then, “I guess your poop smells like roses!”  I couldn’t help but laugh at all of it.  All spoken in classic New Yawk.

Then there was the time her son got on a motorcycle in front of their house and she streaked out, yelling, “GET OFF OF THAT THING!  GET OFF OF THAT THING!”