Well, no sooner did I resolve to spend a crud, lead in the carcass Sunday, sat down to watch Ghost Adventures Aftershocks that I taped last night, then I seems to suss that someone was disappointed I had not yet had a spin with my new Veggetti and they were honestly hoping for a report.  Sigh.  So, I got the kitchen into some semblance of order but I am not going to sweep and mop today; and decided to cook oven daube.  Let me explain.  Yesterday I bought a very lean round roast, not my usual choice of meat, but I was very bad over Christmas and am trying to watch it.  I stuffed this with garlic, put a slight Italian herb dusting over it, placed it in one of my favorite kitchen thingies–a really deep clear Pyrez bowl that’s awesome for dishes like this.  On the stove top in a skillet, I cooked in olive oil, a large can of tomato paste until it separated and turned dark red; I added salt free stewed tomatoes and half and half of red and white wine, more herbs, garlic, then salt free sauce and cooked it a little and then poured it all over the roast and onions, covered it in foil and it’s going to roast for about three hours; it’s been on for an hour now and the house smells heavenly.

That Veggetti is amazing.  Like sharpening pencils the old fashioned way.  Would you believe just seven almost smallish sized zucchini filled the bowl I used for pasta?  I cooked these a little while in olive oil, herbs and garlic, and it is delicious.  Can’t wait to serve the tomato gravy over it.  NOW I am going to crash with a sense of accomplishment and will give a full report later about the veggetti dish.  I also taped, yesterday, a movie I have been wanting to see and almost made a rare visit to the movie theater to do so last year but time got away from me; looking forward to seeing, “The Imitation Game.”  I enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s performances very much and I’m glad PBS resurrected Sherlock HOlmdes again.  I never missed the one in the 80’s with Jeremy Brett; he also died young.