This was a very good movie, didn’t realize another favorite of mine, Rory Kinnear, was also in it, and kept trying to place a police officer but couldn’t until I realized it was Steve Waddington, twenty something years older.  Duncan!  It is mind blowing to me that someone such as Alan Turing who basically played a huge role in saving the free world wound up the way that he did because of stupid intolerance.  This was very sad  in a kind of makes you want to throw up your hands and say what were you all thinking; Very well acted movie and Cumberbatch did a hell of a job, but I couldn’t help but keep thinking this role would have been perfect for someone else around 20 years ago, who I think would have brought more of a spark of intensity to it.  But, a good movie.  I’m glad I finally saw it.

I’m not in the mood for the NFL playoffs at all.  Sun is beginning to set, this was a nice day.