Oh, goodness, another shock this morning to hear Alan Rickman has also died.  I know the bulk of his fame seems to lie with Harry Potter but he will always be Hans Gruber to me.  Each year in December TCM plays a montage paying tribute to people we lost during the year that’s about to end.  One of the people I was shocked to see had died was Nigel Terry.  I first saw him at age fifteen as Prince John in, “The Lion of Winter.”  Then, during the 90’s, he was in an, of course, short-lived because I liked it, television series called, “Covington Cross.”   Nigel Terry, David Bowie, and now Alan Rickman all gone within a few months of each other, or days, and all three dead at age 69.  What a lot of enjoyment all three have brought me, and many, many others.  Rickman was also wonderful in, “Sense and Sensibility,” an excellent movie.  I always cherish Emma Thompson’s line to sister Kate Winslet when she tells her the jackass who threw her over for a more well-positioned woman really loved her and Winslet says, “but not enough.”  Thompson replies, “he will regret you.”  And he sure as hell did.

My lack of faith in network television has been an almost lifetime thing, and I find I catch up sometimes on the really good ones in reruns.  Case in point:  last night I watched for the first time several episodes of Tim Allen’s, “Last Man Standing,” and just as in “Home Improvement,” this man had me sometimes laughing out loud.  Going to put it on my tape list.  Funny, non-raunchy, non- dirty material, a man with a houseful of teenage and young adult girls who owns a sporting goods store.  I enjoyed it very much and he’s still a very funny guy.  Another rerun I found was, “Person of Interest.”  I liked this one also, but did Jim Caviezel always talk so funny, or is this part of his character?