Awakened feeling like it was going to be a typical day and that dissolved as soon as I got into the car and drove through the beautiful morning, sunlight falling like pale honey on crape myrtle trees, thinking of things that had me laughing out loud, feeling happy and lighter than I have in a long time…the operative term being, lighter!  What a glorious feeling.

Last night, in conjunction with a story written for the next issue of Louisiana Life, I sampled a rum brewed in Thibodaux, LA, called “Rougaroux,” in tribute to our version of ze werewolf, or, Loup Garou.  It’s a dark rum in their three-rum line, this one is named Full Moon Dark Rougaroux, and heavens, it was nectar.  I sipped it over ice; it’s extremely smooth and pure and while I don’t really consider rum to be a sipping whiskey this one definitely qualifies.  It’s made with locally grown and milled sugar cane–not only delicious, but very soothing to the tummy.  I had two over ice, not a whole lot, but I awakened feeling no effects from it at all, just like Veuve Clicquot.  It must be an extremely fine concoction brewed with the purest ingredients.