Three minutes from 3PM here in ole Looziana, Old Metairie and after six hours of work, my story has been written, vetted, submitted. Dashed to the grocery for a few necessities at 7 AM this morning; dashed back home, said my chaplet and rosary, started writing. But words, layout, title, etc. would not come. Okay, so I arose, and picked up a book by Joel Osteen, it’s inspirational declarations about the good God wants for us and opened to a chapter that said, God, you have gifted me, I call forth all your gifts and resources to help me. My, my. I told Him, You planted this story idea in my mind, now please let me call forth from you how it should be written. There was a lovely little thunderstorm going, it’s been cozy and rainy all day long. Went back to my boudoir where I write with my laptop for big projects because I can stretch out my legs and I write better when comfortable. Stared at the screen and suddenly knew what I was going to entitle it, how I was going to lay the story out and what exactly I was going to say. Once again, let me say, thank you God. In the meanwhile made a veggie and ground turkey crustless pie with roasted some mushrooms in olive oil and a little garlic. Back to healthy eating. But man, that pizza!Have to run one more errand, will come home, shower and crash for the evening. I be tired.