images-5It’s August 29, the ninth anniversary of Katrina (the second anniversary of Hurricane Isaac). Thought I’d put this pictures here to remember, God, it was a horrible time. I didn’t suffer nearly what so many people suffered because of that storm, but I was a refugee for nearly a month. What a strange, suspended time. New Orleans was so deserted; when we returned to an office in the CBD (three of us sharing a small room) and I’d go out into the vacant streets of New Orleans, so many still not back, I’d see people out of the corner of my eye and when I’d turned to look at them they weren’t there. I think 911 and Katrina are probably two of the worst disasters to ever hit a metropolitan area in the 21st Century. But looking at the devastation of these pictures and seeing New Orleans now, how it has bounced back with so much resiliency and has become a better place, it amazes me and makes me so proud. All the people who met their maker that day, I wish them all the peace of God. I used to get lambasted for saying this, so I just stopped, but I remember Bush got all the blame about the delay in aid when in fact it was Governor Blanco’s lack of knowledge about FEMA and the government protocol to get Federal aid. Back then you had to turn control of the state over to the president and the federal government for him to deploy troops, aid, etc. Edwards knew this back in 1992 with Andrew. Blanco, a Democrat, told Bush she needed some time to consider it while people were sweltering in flooded homes with no power, water or food. Had Bush sent in troops, etc, without her permission, it would have been against the constitution and very much like a coup d’tat. The law has been changed now, but if you’re going to be governor of a hurricane-vulnerable state, I think you should first take at least a 101 course on what the proper laws are concerning said situation. The other bumper sticker on my car is old and reads, “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Jindal.” I did when he ran against her and lost in the 2004 gubernatorial election. But let’s blame Bush for all of it, he’s a Republican. When someone wants to hate a Republican, they just want to hate. Someone called Bush the antichrist. I said, the antichrist hasn’t appeared yet. How do you know, I was asked? I said, because according to the Bible, before he appears, first there will be the Rapture, when the bodies and souls of the righteous will be taken into heave to avoid Armageddon. Only after the Rapture will the antichrist appear. The response: I don’t believe there’s ever going to be a Rapture. Bush is the antichrist. So I said, well, you will believe the Bible that there will be an antichrist because you want it to be Bush, but you don’t believe the Bible that first there will be a Rapture? That didn’t win me any friends at the time. I did think Michael Brown of FEMA was despicable and in the midst of it when he stepped down and bragged that he was going to go home, have a Margarita and big Texican dinner, while people were stranded and staring in New Orleans, I could have pulled an Elvis with the television. hurricane-katrina-73images-6images-1images-4images-7images-5